Monday, 05 Jun 2023

Expedition Company Launches What’s Being Dubbed “World’s Longest Bus Journey” Across Europe

The 12,000-kilometer journey will take 30 passengers from Istanbul to Norway and everywhere in between.

Expedition Company Launches What’s Being Dubbed “World’s Longest Bus Journey” Across Europe

For more than a few travelers, a two-month long bus trip may sound like a bit of a nightmare. But that sentiment might change perhaps, if the bus in question is luxurious and the two-month itinerary includes plans to stop in some 22 countries across Europe.

That's exactly the case with Adventure Overland's latest offering. The Indian expedition company is launching what has been dubbed "the world's longest bus journey." Slated to kick off in August, the trip will take up to 30 participants from Turkey to the Balkans, eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and west Europe before concluding in London.

The company promises that the 12,000-kilometer journey will be "unlike any other in which you will experience varied countries, cultures, customs, climates, currencies, time zones, people, food, and above all, get to see the creations of mother nature, one kilometer at a time, from the comfort of your seat."

The highlight of the journey will be reaching Nord Kapp, the northernmost point of the European continent that's accessible by road. But there will plenty of other memorable experiences as well. Participants will also be able to witness the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, visit a concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland, and take in the stunning natural beauty of the Fjords in Norway.

One of Adventure Overland's founders, Tushar Agarwal, told CNN in a statement that: "every single route in each country has been vetted to ensure that the journey is seamless so participants on Bus to London can get on board with the knowledge and confidence that they are in safe hands."

The price-tag for this one-of-a-kind getaway is a steep $24,300, a fee that includes daily breakfast, 30 lunches and dinners and all hotel stays.

As for the bus that will be your mode of transport for two months? It includes such features as reclining adjustable seats with what the company's website describes as "ample legroom", individual entertainment systems and mobile phone charging points, among other features.

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